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what to do when overwhelmed

Overwhelmed means to overpower with thoughts or feelings. When we begin to feel overpowered and under equipped, we experience overwhelm. That’s exactly how I felt this morning. It’s usually not from one big thing. It can be from a lot of small things that begin to stack and pile one after the other until I feel weary from the weight. After all, twenty 100 lb. rocks weigh the same as a 2,000 lb. boulder…and that is a ton, literally.

As I sat down for quiet time, I asked the Lord to show me what to do when I feel overwhelmed. He led me to Psalm 116. When we are overwhelmed, it is easy to get focused on the wrong things. Like the Psalmist, when life comes at us, we begin to see only trouble and sorrow (Psalm 116:3 NLT).

When that happens, the absolute best thing we can do, in that moment, is to call on the name of the Lord, “Please, Lord, save me.” (Psalm 116:4 NLT).

Sometimes we just need to be saved from our own thoughts and feelings.

Psalm 116 reminded me that when I call on the Lord, when I pray for mercy:

He hears my voice.

He bends down to listen.

He shows me kindness and goodness.

He protects me.

He saves me.

My response in the middle of overwhelm is to:

Keep believing.

Pray as long as I have breath.

Cry out in my anxiety.

Walk in His presence.

Praise the Lord for His goodness.

Give thanks for His provision.

Then, my soul will be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.

(Psalm 116:7 NLT)


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