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What I learned the last six months...

Updated: May 29, 2021

It's been six months since I released my first self-published book, She Believed: seven simple practices to build trust and overcome worry. A few months later, I released the 52-week companion journal.

I didn't realize when I finished these two projects that I would find myself going through a difficult six months that would test the very foundation of the practices outlined in these pages. Nothing like the old saying, "Practice what you preach."

It started at the beginning of December when a simple, out-patient procedure turned into plastic surgery to repair the deficit on my face from skin cancer. At the same time, we moved my aunt into a nursing facility. Then COVID came to shower us with Christmas and New Year's greetings. That was December.

As the months progressed, I walked with multiple family members through a variety of trying situations including debilitating symptoms from a chronic disease, hospice care, medical tests, doctors visits, emergency surgery, short-term nursing care aunt #2, and just recently, the unexpected lost of Jimi's dad. In addition, I experienced almost every GI test known to man and the results all pointed to stress for me.

Through all of these trials, one thing remained constant. God is good. His Word never fails. I can trust Him. When I didn't know what else to do, I reached for His Word over and over again. In the morning and at night. It has comforted me and carried me through the winds and the waves.

SHE Believed is all about daily practices that build our trust in God and overcome worry, fear, and doubt every single day and in difficult times, too. The very first practice is thinking on truth, believing God's promises. Through applying these practices in my life, I have learned to trust more and worry less especially when the storms of life come my way.

The seven practices are indeed simple. You can practice them anywhere, at any time. These practices have truly made a difference in my life. I would love to share them with you by giving 10 copies of my book away. To enter the drawing by June 1, tag someone or comment if you are on Instagram or Facebook or subscribe to my blog on my website

In his book, Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table, Louie Giglio says we must live with an even though / I will kind of faith. Even though all these things happen, I will continue to trust God. I will praise His name. I want you to develop that kind of trust in God, too. Enter to win the SHE believed give-a-way now!


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