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the grace of a slower pace


It’s a sign that I pass often on my favorite country lane. It stands at a sharp turn in the road. A reminder to ease up a little and take it easy lest I end up in a place I had not ended – through a fence and into a creek. We need those kinds of markers in our own lives. Sometimes when we refuse to put them in place, we will end up in a place we don’t want to be, or we find ourselves unexpectedly grounded for a little while.

If you could see my stack of books that I have read through the years about margin,

Sabbath, and rest, you would wonder why I still struggle. My website is even called a quiet pause. I know the importance of these concepts. Yet, I am not immune to getting caught up at times in doing and doing and doing which leads to much distraction.

For the last several months, I have been nose down editing my book to make the Thanksgiving deadline - on top of all the usual chores and caring in some way for four aging relatives and my own family. Plus, don’t forget the usual Christmas shopping and wrapping. Then, an unexpected surgery for me this past week in the middle of moving one relative to a skilled facility for additional care.

My mind has not really slowed down in a while. Not stopped long enough to be still. Buzzing with details. I have been tired and distracted.

Until yesterday.

The unexpected surgery has grounded me. God uses these moments for our own good. My usual activities have been cancelled. And, it is almost Christmas - only ten days left. Yet, I am not left feeling stressed or frantic. Instead, I have much peace. I am finding grace in this slower pace.

I decided yesterday that I would take the day slowly - one step at a time. I would not rush. I would not stress. And, I would only start my list after I had spent time with Jesus. Scripture reminded me that I needed a Selah – a pause, a rest.

For the first time in forever, I also took a nap yesterday afternoon. A real nap. It’s what my body needs as I recover. Honestly, rest is what our bodies and souls need regularly.

Have you taken time to slow down lately? Have you taken time to pause and rest? Why not? Don’t wait until you have something unexpected happens that forces you to stay grounded. Ease up a little before you plow through that fence and into a creek.


Put markers in your schedule to pause and to rest. Find the grace in a slower pace.


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