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The And Life

While reading Swoboda’s book, The Dusty Ones, this sentence stopped me in my tracks.

Each of our lives are being built on Christ


anything else.

Rock or sand.

There’s no middle ground!

A firm foundation


a sinking one.

In American Christianity, I am afraid that we mostly try to build our lives on Christ….AND!

Christ and…

Our careers. Our hobbies. Our sports. Our success. Our family. Our goals. Our beauty. Our money. Our security. Our relationships. Our own strength. Our fun. Our priorities. Our comfort. Our opinions. Our political affiliation. Our “likes” and “followers.”

Ouch! It challenged me to ask the question…What am I truly building my life on? Is Christ enough when all these other things ultimately fail? Fail to satisfy us, fail to sustain us, fail to give us life. Am I content in Christ alone?

We were recently in California. We drove down the Pacific Coast Highway, high above on the bluffs were beautiful homes built on the edge of crumbling ground. There was one home where the ground was literally gone from under one corner of the home. One heavy rain, one mud slide and that home will go crumbling down.

That’s what the AND life looks like. It appears to be on solid ground, but it is teetering between solid and sinking ground. Just like our homes, our lives have to be built on solid ground that won’t crumble when rains come.

We must build our lives on Jesus. He is our rock and firm foundation. All the other things are sinking sand.

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