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take courage

Paul was on a ship in the middle of a storm. Not just any storm…a typhoon, a nor’easter type of storm. It had raged for many days “blotting out the sun and the stars, until at last all hope was gone.” Everyone feared for their lives. But, an angel of God appeared to Paul and said, “Don’t be afraid…God in his goodness has granted safety to everyone with you.”

Then, Paul declared: “So take courage! For I believe God.”

How many times in the middle of our storms do we fear and give up hope?

We forget God’s promises and we lose sight of the hope that is set before us.

We get so focused on the storm, that we can’t see the bigger picture or hear the voice of God. We spend more time trying to figure out how to get out of the storm or what to do next than we spend time with God.🙋🏼‍♀️

Instead, we need to be still, take a quiet pause. Get into God’s word to hear him speaking through the pages of scripture. Believe his promises.

Then, we too can say:

I will not be afraid.

I will take courage.

I believe God!

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