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Finding Every Day Joy

Much has been written about happiness over the last few years. After all, our world has encountered unprecedented trials and storms recently. We are all looking to find our “happy.”

Often we look to the happy “place”, the relationship, the job, or the achievement. We often think we will be happy if we get the house, the car, the baby, or the next thing (whatever that thing is). How many times do we think we will be happen WHEN ________ (fill in the blank)?

Those answers could fill up a few pages, right?

And, yes, there is momentary happiness in all those things! And, for those we can be truly thankful. However, lasting joy doesn’t not come from things of this world nor from our own success or current situation. All those things can fail, be stripped away or lost.

What we really need to seek is every day joy.

A joy that doesn’t waiver when storms come; when the rain and wind threaten us.

That joy can only be found in the Lord.

Our every day joy doesn’t come from a...

place, person or position,

plans, power or pay,

physical health,

or Pinterest perfection.

It comes from the pursuit and presence of the Lord!

Psalm 16:11 says in God’s presence we have fullness of joy. When we delight in the law of the Lord meditating day and night, his commandments bring joy to our hearts (Psalm 1:2, Psalm 19:8)

As we trust in the Lord and take refuge in him, we will find - not a momentary fleeting happiness, but every day sustainable joy (Psalm 2:12, Romans 15:13)

When we seek first his kingdom, we will discover a joy that gives us every day strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

Want to find every day joy? Start with this prayer and by taking a quiet pause with God.

“But let all who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice, Let them ever sing for joy; Because You cover and shelter them, Let those who love Your name be joyful.”

(Psalm 5:11 AMP)

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