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Fear Causes 3 Things

After feeding the 5000, Jesus urged the disciples to get back in the boat and cross the lake. Jesus sent the people home and went alone up the mountain to pray.

Meanwhile, the disciples were in trouble, far away from land. They were fighting strong winds and heavy waves.

When Jesus came walking on the water toward them, they were terrified. Maybe the disciples get a little hard time here, but I would be terrified too if someone was walking on the water toward me all the while fighting a raging storm.

In their fear, they cried out, “a ghost.”

Fear causes things to appear not as they really are or us to think we see things that are something else altogether.

Then, Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid. Take courage. I am here.”

Peter then said, “Lord, if it is really you…”

Peter still didn’t believe Jesus was with them in the storm He wanted proof.

Fear causes us to demand an explanation in times of trouble.

Peter said, “Tell me to come to you walking on the water.”

Jesus said, “Come.”

In the middle of the wild wind and crazy waves, Peter stepped out and walked on water.

Then, He took his eyes off Jesus – and back on the trouble – and he began to sink.

Fear causes us to be distracted and doubt.

Peter cried out, “Save me.”

Jesus reached down grabbed him and pulled him from the water.

Then, the wind stopped.

Our fears

- cause us to see things that are not reality.

- causes us to demand explanations.

- causes us to be distracted and doubt.

In our fear,

-Jesus reminds us not to be afraid and that He is with us.

-Jesus asks us to come to Him in the middle of our storm.

-Jesus stays so close to us that He can reach out and grab us when we are sinking.

Even while the winds and waves may still be beating upon us.

Like Peter, we may have only enough faith to say, “Lord, save me” in the middle of our storms and trouble. Jesus is faithful. We can trust Him. We must not be afraid or try to figure everything out. We must come to Him for rest and allow Him to carry our burdens. We must remember that He will never leave us alone in the storm.

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