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Exciting Announcement

I am truly excited! After lots of edits, my new journal is available on Amazon!

What inspired me to create a journal?

So many times I read a book that encourages me to try something new, start a new habit or make a change. Then, I get busy, life happens and I don't put what I learned into practice. After writing my book, SHE believed, I wanted to give others a resource to overcome worry, stress and doubt by spending time daily building a foundation of trust in God and His promises.

The SHE believed Journal is designed to integrate seven simple practices into your daily quiet time. By selecting one prompt each day, you will not only develop an automatic strategy for building trust and overcoming worry, but will also create a beautiful record of your journey.

Here's a sneak peak:

It can be used as a stand alone journal or with my book - SHE believed: seven simple practices to build trust and overcome worry.

For more details....

Link for Book HERE. Link for Journal HERE.

I pray these resources will encourage you on your journey toward greater trust. Keep believing, my friend. God is faithful!

Shout out to Abigail Hardin for putting my ideas into a beautifully designed journal. You can find her at

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