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Drafts. I have many drafts. If you checked my draft folder on my blog, my notes on my phone, or my journals, you would see so many drafts. I can write for days. What I can’t seem to do is click publish. Drafts are easy. Publishing is not.

Why? It is vulnerable. It opens us up to other opinions, judgement and criticism. Publishing our work shares a little bit of our heart. Of who we really are. It’s a little scary.

A draft is like our story. We hold the hurts, the pain, the struggles, and even the triumphs, close to our heart. We are afraid to share how God is working in our lives. We don’t click “publish” on those. Not even with our closest friends sometimes. It’s a little scary.

What if our story could be used for “encouraging and building up others”?(1 Thessalonians 5:11) Rick Warren says “Your greatest ministry will likely come from your greatest pain.”

What if our story, our words, encouraged just one person to continue to seek after God? To discover and embrace an abundant life rooted in Jesus. That’s how I have began to approach my writing. And my story. With each draft that I publish, with each conversation that I share, I pray that I would encourage the heart of just one person.

“There is a treasure that has been placed here to encourage a hurting world. That treasure has been designed, gifted and engineered to spread hope. You are that treasure.” Gary Morland (from @hopewriters)

You, too, can spread hope. Be the treasure. Encourage and build up. Publish your story.

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