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Do you feel disqualified?

Jesus chose Peter to be the first church leader, builder, planter. He proclaimed that in Matthew 16:18...however, in a few verses later (Matthew 26:34), Jesus tells Peter that Peter will deny him three times before the rooster crows twice...shortly after, he does just that.

Hmmm...a future church leader, named, called, ordained by Jesus himself denying Jesus before he even got started....

What a great reminder! Jesus knows our hearts and thoughts far better than we do. He understands our strengths and our weaknesses. He knows our successes and our struggles.

Jesus' first words to Peter were "Come follow me." Jesus calls us all to do the same. All of us.

Just like Peter, He calls us in all our imperfections and doubts. And, He can use us despite them.

After Jesus' resurrection, He appears on the shores of Galilee. Through a series of questions, Peter confesses his love to Jesus three times there. Jesus tells Peter to then go and feed His sheep. Redeemed not rejected. Forgiven not forsaken. Commissioned not condemned.

How encouraging to know that our mess-ups, mistakes, and misses don't disqualify us from our mission! Jesus didn't dismiss Peter's denials, Jesus forgave him. Jesus didn't disqualify Peter, instead He used it to disciple Peter and to define His calling.

We can come to Jesus, too, regardless of what we have done, where we have been or who we think we are. He will restore us and redirect us back to His calling on our lives - to first and foremost follow Him.

Like Peter, you are worthy of His love, His forgiveness, His calling on your life. Right here. Right now. Jesus says, "Come follow me."


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