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digging deeper

I love a simple message. One that is clear, easy to understand and apply to my life.

I also love to study. Yeah, I know that’s weird. I am a word nerd! Drawing out key words in scripture helps me to remember and apply what I am learning.

The first graphic are the key words from my study (see second pic) of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

I compared several Bible versions, but also used Matthew Henry’s concordance app and the Blue Letter Bible app (which gives the Hebrew or Greek meanings of words). This verse took on a deeper meaning for me.

For example, I asked myself what does “always” mean in this verse? When do I rejoice? The answer is “EVERY WHEN”. Wow! Think about that. When? Every when! That really means always!

“Never stop praying” means uninterrupted prayer, worship, supplication-to ask or beg for something earnestly.

“Be thankful in all circumstances” means to give thanks, express gratitude no matter what happens. Always. Daily.

Why do we rejoice, pray and thank always? Because “it is God’s will”-his purpose, choice, decree, desire for us.

Yes, for those who belong to Christ Jesus. The word “belong” blew my mind more than anything else in this scripture. Belong means “a primary position denoting (fixed) position!” That means when we belong to Christ Jesus it is a position of chief importance that is fixed – immovable!

Just going a little deeper into scripture reveals so much underlying meaning and I find it so encouraging! It is not always easy to rejoice, pray and thank always. But, I know that in all circumstances I belong to Jesus, my position is fixed and I can always rejoice in that!

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