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100 Things

I was challenged this morning while reading a favorite blog to stop and list 100 things that I was thankful for. 100!

At first, I thought it would be hard. But as I put pencil to paper, my gratitude list grew and grew. And I reached 100 things in just a few minutes.

So many times, when we are going through difficult days or seasons, it is easy to get our focus on the circumstances and forget all the blessings that abound in our lives.

Scripture says that we have all received blessing upon blessing, grace upon grace, favor upon favor, and gift upon gift from God’s abundance. (John 1:16 AMP)

Gratitude changes what we have into more than enough. When we stop and give thanks, it changes our hearts and minds. From a negative mindset to a positive one when we focus on the happy not the crappy.

Stop right now and give it a try!

You just might be surprised, like me, how fast you reach 100 things!

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